Since Composite Materials are constantly being improved as new technologies are developed, one fact holds true: its lightweight. Composite material is important to the Aviation/Aerospace Industry because they provide structural strength comparable to Metallic Alloys, but at a lighter weight. Typically, Composite Materials are 20% lighter than Aluminum. Carbon Fiber alone reduces aircraft mass anywhere from 20% to 40%. These facts lead to improved fuel efficiency and better performance.


Working close with many high-caliber manufacturers and well-versed engineers in composites, IN3 Aviation brings a wealth of knowledge to many different designs and product fabrication.

We specialize in Carbon Fiber Products (Sheets, Laminates, High Temp Sheets, Sandwich Panels and Molded parts), Resins and Adhesives. Products include High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matte Finish Panels in all sizes and thicknesses. We also sell Colored Laminates made from Kevlar-Carbon Fiber blends.  


  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-conductive
  • Flexible, will not dent
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Design flexibility


We represent the best manufacturers with highest quality products – we sell only the highest quality 100% carbon fabric that offers a blend of high strength epoxy resins to guarantee a durable, stronger, longer lasting sheet.

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